When on holiday let your plumbing take a break too

Before going on a holiday there are a hundred things on your to-do list before you go. If you add some plumbing tasks to that list you can save yourself a lot of money in the future and prevent your household from potential disaster.

These things don’t have to be complicated and usually take less than a couple of minutes. Read on to see how you can save yourself and home from potential plumbing disasters!

Turn off your hot water heater

The hot water system can be one of the highest energy consumption appliances in your household. Turning it off for a week can lower your energy bill significantly which can combat some of that spending money you’re taking with you!

If your system isn’t a risk of freezing, there’s no downside to switching it off for a couple of days. As I doubt there’s anywhere in Australia that is at risk of freeing it’s free money in your pocket.

Most models have a main shut off handle or a holiday setting that puts it in standby. If you are worried about switching it off you can reduce the heat to the lowest setting while you’re gone to also save costs. Just remember to switch it back on or back to its original temperature when you return.

Shut off you main water supply

A nightmare to come home to would be a flooded house due to a burst pipe that had occurred while you were away. A simple precaution measure to put in place would be to switch off your main water supply before you leave.

If you don’t know where your main shut off point is you should seek it immediately. If a plumbing emergency does happen while you are at home, quick action by shutting off the water supply could save your home’s structural integrity and also help prevent your belongings from being destroyed.

If you require the water line to remain on for sprinklers for example you can still minimise risk by switching off individual water flows. Isolated leaks such as toilets, sinks, fridges, washing machines and dishwashers all have their own line that can be done easily.

When you arrive home make sure to slowly turn the water supply back on to combat the build-up off pressure.

These measures just give extra piece of mind to people who are planning on going on holiday!