What We Can Fix

Here at Plumbing Co we are equipped to solve the majority of all plumbing issues that you may have. Some common services that we can perform are;

  • Drainage unblocking

If you notice that water in your drain runs considerably slower you may have a clogged drain. Even small debris can slow the water. Getting a professional to fix it early can save a lot of money long term.

  • Hot water system repairs

There are two types of hot water systems, those that create on demand and those that have a stored amount. If you notice that your hot water runs out quicker than normal your system could be faulty and needs to be repaired.

  • Faucet repair and installation

Dripping faucets can waste hundreds of litres of water a year. Making sure that they are installed correctly could save you and the environment in the future.

  • Pipe repair

Leaky pipes can lead to long term damage for your household. Plumbing Co is able to accommodate for all types of pipe leakage. Whether your problem is a corner leak that can be fixed quickly or a burst pipe that needs to be realigned, we have the experience and knowledge to best assist you.