How to avoid water pressure loss in your shower

A loss of pressure while you’re showering is the slightest annoyance for anyone. Whether it’s a short disruption from a flushing toilet or really low pressure, disruptions make it hard to do common task such as rinsing shampoo from your hair.

Here are some ways to help fix or prevent having low water pressure in your shower.

Type of shower valve

If you have a pressure balancing vale that controls both temperature and pressure you could be at risk to pressure drops from another types of running water. It occurs as when you flush your toilet the cold water is diverted as it needs refill the tank and in turn affects the pressure of your shower.

You can overcome this by choosing different type of valve when renovating or asking your plumber about a thermostatic mixing valve. They can maintain pressure and temperature and most plumbing services now how to implement them into your household.

Water pressure reduction valve needs adjusting

When you have water pressure problems throughout your entire household, the water pressure reduction valve could be the problem. They are usually near your main water supply and can be broken and may need adjustment. Both tasks need to be done by a professional plumber.

Broken pipe

Broken pipes can be one of the worst reasons that pressure is lacking in your shower. The leaking water could also have serious damage to your house. Water stains or unexpected flooding are clear signs of a broken pipe. If you notice any of these signs contact a plumber immediately to ensure that the problem doesn’t escalate.

Blocked pipe or showerhead

If your shower head is that the root of the problem it can be the easiest fix. To understand if it is the problem unscrew your shower head from the wall and soak it in a cleaning product. You can the scrub the remaining hard to reach places with an old tooth brush.

Areas with hard water could lead to mineral accumulation on your pipes. Eventually the deposit builds so much that it limits the amount of water that can pass through the pipes. To combat this build up you can opt to get a water softening system that limits the mineral build up in your pipes.

If you pipes are too clogged and backed up they may need a professional cleaning to prevent any future problems.