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Making Your Bathroom Safe And Accessible For Kids and Elderly

surfaces These tips will help you prepare your bathroom to be safe and easy access to use A big issue we hear about is people falling in bathrooms Many times it is either in the tub or shower or while exiting I recommend that you add texture the surface by using grip sticks in designated places This is an inexpensive way to add prevent many falls Adding grab bars is another excellent way to prevent falls The problem with towel bars is that they will not hold much weight Using them to get in and out of the tub is great to keep balance I would advise using the grab bars made out of metal tubing and has strong sharp corners Electrical shock is another important concern Protection from electrical appliances in the bathroom is a must for safety today All new bathrooms are required to have safety precautions in the bathroom from electrical shock A ground fault circuit is required to be installed on all new bathroom electrical circuits This causes the circuit to be shut off if it s overloaded This can be done on existing outlets by just installing a GFCI circuit receptacle You must use extreme caution when working with any type of electrical outlet Access for the disables is another concern for some bathrooms A bathroom can be very hard to move around in and use if you have a disability There are many different modifications you can make It just depends on the difficulty of the disability of the person We will not discuss every upgrade here You will need room to move around if you have a wheelchair disable person A few things that will really help are to have easy lever handles for you faucets a wall hung basin and guard rails