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Bathroom Renovation

bathtub to enjoy the beauty comfort and relaxation that it can bring then you need to know what bathtub options are there for the taking There are a number of bathtub types to select from Familiarizing yourself with these types can help you in deciding which one to add to your bathroom The built in bathtub is one of the most widely used types of bathtubs in homes There are different styles to pick from under this category One is the alcove bathtub which pertains to the tub that has its three sides enclosed and one side open Another variation is called drop in bathtub where a user needs to go down rather than climb up If the drop in bathtub is installed or built in the corner of the bathroom then you have a corner tub Another option for a bathtub is the free standing type of bathtub It s main distinction from the first type is obviously its free standing nature not built in It has the faucet incorporated into the tub itself or it can be floor or wall mounted If you are trying to explore more bathtub possibilities then you might consider another type which is the amazing Japanese soaking tubs As its name indicates it is a bathtub that is intended to be used for soaking It is usually deeper than the conventional type as it is designed to soak people up to their chin Unlike the other options already presented this type is without shower attachments This type has two variations the Roman tubs and the Greek tubs For more discerning customers searching for additional features you have the specialty tubs to consider Belonging to this type is the whirlpool bathtub that has jets providing a more relaxed and comfortable bath experience There is   Bathroom Renovation – All There Is To Know About It